Corrugated Boxes

Paramount Packaging is able to fulfill all your corrugated carton requirements: brown, white, plain, printed, stock-size or manufactured to your specifications.

Our friendly team will help you choose the correct carton for your particular requirements, at a competitive price.

You can trust the experienced team at Paramount Packaging for skillful advice on the complete range of packaging products. Paramount will always recommend the best solution for your particular needs. Our expert sales staff will assist you in determining which items are most suitable to your needs and budget.

Some of our stocked sizes are as follows:

CODE         SIZE LxWxHmm          BOARD GRADE            

CCA4S       A4 320x220x235         4C

CCAA4       A3 430x310x230         3C

CCA4150     A4-150 310x215x150    4C

CC171211   A3-300 432x306x304    4C

CC221412   560x365x305              4C

CC1768      420x160x200              4C
CC976W     229x179x152              4C
CC241616   600x400x400              3C
CC201612   500x400x300              3C
CC18136     450x330x165               1C
CC1174      280x170x100              3C

CC1034      265x75x90                3B

CC271810 680x450x250 4C

CC15117   370x290x185 4C

CC151010  380x255x255 4C

CC171717  420x420x420 4C

CC19129   490x310x220 560K-C

CC201512  500x400x300 1C

CC777       180x180x180 4C

CCTFA484  340X250X85 TRANSF-FILE A4 

CC26149    670x365x220 4C

Don't see a suitable size here? No problem!  We will custom make cartons to suit your application.  50 or 100 quantity is all you need to order to have a RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) made to your dimensions. 

We also custom print and design die cut boxes. 



Post packs: the ready-to-post self-sealing packs


  • Cuts packing time to seconds - simple to use
  • Improves overall efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces operating costs
  • 25mm crumple zone at each end provides security in transit. 
  • Stops damage.  Your item is held secure to ensure no movement during transit.
  • Avoids costly return of damaged goods.
  • With it's standard size range QIKPAK is available in bundles of as few as 25 units or by the pallet lot.

    CODE      SIZE LxW         

    QPA3      A3 430x310mm
    QPA4      A4 320x230mm
    QPB5      B5 240x180mm
    QPCD      CD 145x130mm
    QPFCAP   FOOLSCAP 330x250mm
    QPSW      S/WARE 260x220mm
    QPVD      VIDEO 230x150mm


    For more information please contact us.


Corrugated Boxes

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